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Science Splash Down At Dent
First graders at Dent Elementary School put on a colorful, informational program, all about the 'Splash Zone' after completing a portion of their science curriculum.

"This annual tradition features science facts about the interdependence of ocean creatures and biomes," explained Dent Elementary Principal Kendra Helsley. "Best of all, they are in adorable, colorful costumes."

The costumes have been handed down from year to year, some of them handmade, others purchased through school supply outlets. But from the clownfish to the snorkelers, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

"This is the culminating activity, they use all the vocabulary they have learned, all the facts, and they put it in kid-friendly terms," Helsley said of students taking the stage for the musical Splash Zone performance.

There were a number of shows over the past week, to make sure that everyone that wanted to see the performance had the chance to take a seat in the cafeteria/multipurpose room on the Dent campus.

"They just do such a good job with it," Helsley added and praised the work of the first grade teachers - Mrs. Harp, Mrs. Sand, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. LaRossa and Mrs. Pendleton - in getting the students ready for the stage and making sure they meet all the state standards for the science curriculum at the same time.

The school's Parent Teacher Organization has also helped purchase costumes for the show.