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School Budget Cuts Approved
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Reducing the certificated staff by seven FTE - full time equivalent - positions will help the Escalon Unified School District meet funding cuts necessary due to the state budget woes.

Thankfully, said District Superintendent Dave Mantooth, the staff reduction will be done without layoffs.

"We have three high school teachers and one at each elementary site," Mantooth said of the various positions being cut. "It's being done through retirements and attrition ... we did not have to lay off anyone."

School board members approved the recommendations at their recent meeting, with Mantooth presenting a plan accounting for roughly $1 million in reduced revenue from the state.

"The certificated reduction represents about half the savings, $526,000," he said.

The district will see a total of 13 retirees leave at the end of the current school year and three of those positions will not be replaced, two at Dent Elementary and one at the high school, bringing an additional savings. Being able to hire incoming teachers, generally at a lower pay rate than those who had invested years in the district, will also be a cost savings.

"The third phase (of cost reduction) is to reduce our site discretionary funding by 30 percent," Mantooth said. "That will be about a $100,000 savings."