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Scholarship Awards For Delta Students Reach Record High

A record $368,000 in scholarship money will be awarded to hundreds of Delta College students this week, thanks in part to the new Stockton Scholars program.

Community donors have always been exceptionally generous in helping Delta students fulfill their dreams of obtaining a college education.

Starting this year, Stockton Scholars will allow even more students to receive assistance. The $368,000 in total awards is a substantial increase from $225,000 last year.

The total number of scholarships now stands at nearly 670, an increase from the roughly 380 awards given out last year.

“We are exceedingly grateful to our faithful donors and to those who are contributing for the first time,” said Dr. Omid Pourzanjani, superintendent/president of Delta.

Stockton Scholars was launched in 2018 with a $20 million donation secured by Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. In addition to the financial awards, the program ensures that students receive the support services they need to finish college.

Scheduled to attend the Aug. 21 ceremony were hundreds of Delta College students; Delta College Superintendent/President Omid Pourzanjani; members of the Board of Trustees and the Delta College Foundation; and Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs.

Of the $368,000 to be awarded on Wednesday, $129,000 is coming from Stockton Scholars. A total of 258 Delta students will receive Stockton Scholars awards.

Overall, the wide range of scholarships to be awarded will benefit students who have excelled in a variety of academic areas, as well as students who have overcome hardships or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The money can be used for registration fees or tuition, books, housing or other costs related to education.

Applications for the next round of Delta College scholarships will open in January. Potential donors who would like to establish new scholarships are welcome to do so. More information for students and donors is available at