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Residents Bring Fireworks Complaints To Council
The Stars & Stripes 4th of July Red, White & BOOM fireworks show will be held at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds on Thursday. The fairgrounds will open at 5:30 p.m., with the free fireworks show set for 9:30 p.m.

A rash of fireworks complaints earlier this month prompted some residents to visit the Escalon City Council meeting on Sept. 16 and has also seen an increase of police patrols in the affected areas.

“We have had four complaints regarding fireworks inside the city limits since Sept. 1,” Police Chief Mike Borges said.

The department’s Facebook page goes on to note that the recent complaints came from the areas of: First Street/Pioneer Street, Genevieve, California Street/James Street, and Drive/Chalane Street.

One of the witnesses reported that they saw juveniles running from one of the locations immediately following, after the fireworks had been lit off in a drainage basin.

Borges said the information has been shared with the department’s night shift officers, who are now providing extra patrols throughout the night in those areas.

Resident Cheryl Degerman was one of those who took the podium at the Sept. 16 meeting and asked for the city’s help in combatting the issue. She said she also did a walking survey of her neighborhood and found many of the neighbors – like herself – distressed and losing sleep over the issue. Concerns about possible fires being sparked by the illegal fireworks, along with the impact on pets, are among the issues.

Borges said while it is extremely hard to catch the culprits, the cooperation between police and citizens is key in reducing the number of incidents.

Also noted on the department’s Facebook page is the illegal nature of the activity, noting that it is “illegal to possess and/or discharge illegal fireworks and/or destructive devices. It is a crime to provide fireworks and/or destructive devices to juveniles. Parents can be held liable for their children’s actions.”

Borges also asked residents to continue calling in when fireworks are set off.