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Rescue Plan Funding For Escalon Ambulance
Supervisor Robert Rickman recently announced county authorization for ARPA funds, headed to Escalon Community Ambulance.

An application for American Rescue Plan Funds has been approved for Escalon Community Ambulance.

Fifth District Supervisor Robert Rickman announced the awards following a Board of Supervisors meeting in mid-December.

“I applied for the ARPA funds once I was informed that would could participate in the grant funding,” noted Escalon Community Ambulance Chief Vanessa ‘Ness’ Herrero. “We haven’t had grant money in almost 17 years so it was nice to get that.”

At the county board meeting, Rickman sought – and received – authorization to award $347,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act Fund for use by ECA.

“Escalon Community Ambulance has contacted the county and requested ARPA funding to purchase emergency vehicles and equipment,” Rickman noted in his report to his fellow supervisors. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, ECA would have benefited from having additional resources to respond to emergency medical service calls within the community.”

Funding authorized for ECA will be utilized in several areas.

Emergency Vehicle: $207,000 was awarded for two additional ambulances that would allow the current emergency vehicle to be cleaned and disinfected properly, and remain in service for community members.

Patient Transportation Equipment: $100,000 for the purchase of two Power Load Systems that will equip each ambulance for DOT approved patient transport. Cost of each Power Load System is $50,000.

Command Vehicle: $37,000 for a command vehicle that would allow fluid responses and additional resources to staff during emergency incidents.

EMS Equipment: $3,000 to add training equipment for staff to better serve the community. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand in staff training requirements.

Under terms of the authorization, ECA will purchase the emergency vehicles and equipment and submit invoices and back-up documentation to the county, which would review and approve them and then reimburse ECA for costs up to a total amount of $347,000.

Herrero said that ECA members spent much of 2020 doing fundraising for a new ambulance that has already been ordered. They plan to utilize the ARPA funds for equipment and new ambulances that will replace the older ones in use once they are retired out of the system.

“Our public safety heroes rely heavily on their equipment to be safe and provide emergency services to our residents,” Rickman said. “I’m proud to have fought for equipment and training that will help keep the residents of Escalon and the surrounding communities safe.”