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Quiet Holiday For All
There were the usual complaints of loud, possibly illegal fireworks, around the community over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, but no real problems were reported in or around Escalon.

In fact, given the dire predictions of fireworks-related fires, the city escaped unscathed.

"It was so nice," admitted Escalon Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Pelot. "There were a great deal of illegal fireworks within the city limits but it was one of those things where we got lucky, temperatures were great that day (July 4) and the weather really cooperated."

With the long holiday weekend kicking off with July 4 on Friday, the region was treated to a cloudy and cool start to the holiday. Things started to heat up on Saturday, with temperatures peaking in the high 90s by Sunday, but fire officials did not respond to any fireworks related incidents during the period.

"We had two engines out doing patrols and Battalion Chief Terry Pinheiro was doing roving patrols in his vehicle," Pelot said of the fire department effort on Friday. "So, if we were needed, we could have a real quick response."

Like the fire department, Escalon Police had a relatively quiet, uneventful holiday. There were some fireworks complaints to investigate, but only one arrest made over the long weekend for misdemeanor possession of illegal fireworks. The arrest, of a Ceres man, was made shortly before 8 p.m. on Friday, July 4.

"Everyone was fairly reserved," Police Chief Doug Dunford said of the quiet holiday. "Overall I think the citizens were great, they had respect for other people and it was one of the nicer Fourth of July holidays we've had."

There wasn't a huge influx of traffic at the start of the weekend, either, although traffic was slow moving as people made their way home on Sunday.

"It was pretty busy as far as traffic, a little congested," said Dunford of the Sunday situation.