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Peculiar Habits
Senior Corner 6-10-20

During the time that we have been asked to stay home because of the virus, my husband and I have managed to stay busy. In the beginning we cooked several things that we had wanted to try for years. We made Norwegian Lefsa, tortillas and I don’t even remember what else. As it came hot out of the oven we devoured them until they were only a slight memory. I seem to remember arm wrestling for the last hot tortilla. We are now pretty much over the cooking, the resulting weight gain and the inevitable dirty dishes. The next thing that we focused on was the outdoors. After weeding the garden almost every day for weeks either bent over or sitting on a garden stool, I walked like someone who had ridden a horse on a long and I mean long backpacking trip. Next, I tried to entertain the grandchildren from afar but due to living in the country, our WiFi is not the greatest. I tried scavenger hunts, reading stories and just plain conversation over the internet. Because of our lack of steady WiFi, I could only hear five words and then a gap, five words and then a gap. I did a lot of “uhuhs” and “oh reallys” because I had no idea what they said half of the time. At the end of each call I had the feeling that there would be some family discussion as to how I had lost my mind and who would get stuck taking care of me eventually. Needless to say, the internet connections didn’t work very well. After weeks of great intentions, we are reduced to small peculiar habits out of occasional boredom. I watch a couple of television shows that are like road kill. You know, when you don’t want to look, but you just can’t help it? And as I type this column, I continuously hear the sound of a hand vacuum running that my husband uses to suck up flies followed by him plugging the end of the hose so they don’t escape. Our four-year-old granddaughter said, “Grandpa is so funny!” Well, she doesn’t know the half of it and we’ll never tell all of the crazy things that occupied our time during the 2020 virus lock down. As seniors, our life experiences have taught us that this too will pass!

Our group, “The Escalon Fun Bunch” is wishing all of you the best in these uncertain times. We hope for peace and kindness for everyone (peculiar habits or not) and we want you to remember that if any of you seniors need anything please let us know. When we are able, we will continue our once a month events. If you would like to be added to our list for our newsletter and occasional surprises, please email or call one of our contacts below.

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