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Opening And Closing Teams Take On 2018 Competition

On September 26, 70 members of the Escalon FFA chapter traveled to the San Joaquin County fairgrounds to compete in the opening and closing competition bringing home a grand total of 11 banners. The annual competition brings together all 22 schools in the Delta Cal section. Teams of six compete in front of all teams saying the official FFA Opening and Closing Script.

Competitors are judged on the tone of their voice, little to no errors and sitting and standing in sync. There are three divisions starting with the officer category, open teams, and the greenhand teams. The officer team placed 1st overall with the following individual awards; 1st place overall Sentinel: Noah Rast, 1st place overall Reporter: Trenton Nascimento, 1st place overall Treasurer: Austin Terra, 1st place overall Secretary: Jack Fitzgerald, 3rd place overall Vice President: Danny Bava. Open Team 2 was 2nd overall with the following individual awards; 1st place overall Secretary: Julie Avila, 3rd place overall Secretary: Arnulfo Jasso, and 2nd place President: Julie Avila. And our Greenhand team individual awards; 2nd place overall reporter: Ashlee Bavaro, 1st place overall: JuanDiego Sanchez, and 2nd place overall Secretary: Madison Hagglund.