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Officers Thwart Honor Farm Escape Attempt
Tino Scott attempted to escape from the San Joaquin County Honor Farm. Sheriff's Department Photo

The swift actions of San Joaquin County Correctional Officers at the Honor Farm in French Camp stopped an inmate from escaping on Wednesday, July 21 a little after 7 p.m.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department issued a press release regarding the incident a couple of days after it happened, detailing the escape attempt and subsequent capture of the inmate.

The following information was posted on the department’s Facebook on July 23.

Wednesday evening, July 21 as the Housing Officer was supervising recreation time in an adjacent yard, he heard an interior door alarm go off and responded.

It was at that time he witnessed an inmate (later identified as Tino Scott, 31) attempt to enter an attached restricted recreational yard. The Housing Officer immediately gave inmate Scott a verbal order to step away from the door and return to his bunk area; Scott did not comply.

Scott made a run for it and ran out the alarmed door into the restricted recreational yard. He scaled a metal shielding that covered a ladder attached to the wall and climbed up and onto the housing unit’s roof. The Officer gave the inmate direct orders to stop and get down, and he did not comply.

The Officer immediately called on the radio for assistance and advised staff of the situation. Inmate Scott ran from rooftop to rooftop and landed behind the kitchen.

As the Correctional staff was running on the ground to stay up with Scott running on the rooftops, they lost sight of him for a brief moment. An Officer then spotted him crouched down, hiding by the trash compactor located near the kitchen.

The chase began again and ended behind the Honor Farm Housing Unit, near the Motor Pool area. Inmate Scott ran to a county-owned vehicle and found it to be unlocked, and jumped in the car.

Correctional staff was close behind him and grabbed the door as soon as he closed it, not allowing him to lock himself in the vehicle. The Officer opened the door, and the inmate quickly crawled to the other side and exited the car’s passenger door.

Unbeknownst to Scott, another Correctional Officer was close to the passenger side of the vehicle to assist in his capture.

Inmate Scott ran out of the passenger door and towards the Officer’s vehicle, attempting to get in yet another car.

This is where the road ended for Scott, as he was taken into custody. Inmate Scott was restrained and transported to the main jail to have charges added and to be re-housed.

During the entire incident, Scott was given direct verbal orders by several Correctional Officers to come down from the rooftop, stop running and was still non-compliant with the verbal commands given to him.

Scott was a sentenced inmate housed at the Honor Farm, where he was to serve his time. Due to his actions, Inmate Tino Scott is now housed in Administrative Segregation facing a new felony charge of PC 4532(A)(1) Escape jail while charged with a misdemeanor.

The Kitchen and Motor Pool are located on the Honor Farm Compound. The entire Honor Farm complex is behind a secure gate.