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New legislation aims to stop utility rate hikes
JH district

Representative Josh Harder (CA-9) on Monday, April 15 introduced the Stop the Rate Hikes Act to prevent utility companies like PG&E from raising rates more than one time per year. PG&E has already raised rates twice this year, and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently considering PG&E’s request for a third price increase.

“These constant rate hikes are out of control. The last thing our families need is PG&E raising prices again,” said Rep. Harder. “Our families can barely afford utility costs as it is, and yet PG&E keeps increasing rates every few months. PG&E needs to be held accountable and my new bill says enough is enough: you can’t keep raising prices on families.”

Harder said he has heard from countless families across San Joaquin County who are seeing skyrocketing PG&E bills. Last year, Harder introduced a bill to prevent utility companies from price-gouging families during emergencies. In 2022, he introduced legislation to stop PG&E from giving out massive bonuses to its executives and to ensure that money is invested in its own infrastructure instead.

The congressman added that the utility reported $2.4 billion in profits in 2023.