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Mother’s Day Should Be Every Day
Senior Corner 5-11-22

Being a Mother is one of the toughest jobs a woman can have. My Mother was my example in how to deal with things that concerned me while raising my children. Even if she sometimes didn’t agree with us, she tried to understand and show us that she was supportive. While in high school, the style was to wear jeans that looked old and faded. Although, I’m sure it drove her crazy, she helped me wash my jeans enough times in hot water to accomplish the faded look of the ‘60s. She also, without question, ironed my long wavy hair along with some of my friends to create the popular straight hair look of the day. My older brother created a rock band while in high school and my younger brother sang in a punk rock band years later. My Mother graciously let them practice in our garage, attended several shows and always complimented both of them on their talent. I’m sure she had cotton in her ears and took a few aspirins when they were done but she was happy that they were happy.

While raising my children, I tried to keep in mind my Mother’s easy going anthem of “this too will pass” when we did things that caused her stress. But she was our greatest cheerleader through her love and respect for who we were. Her empathy and caring nature made me feel obligated to make her proud. Because of her, I learned to revel in my children’s accomplishments along with them. They have grown into amazing adults and parents whom I have great respect and love for. Oh, and she was right, most of the unsure times did pass. Happy forever Mother’s Day Mom and to all!


Tina Jensen is a member and one of the coordinators of activities for the Escalon Senior Fun Bunch. She contributes a monthly column for The Times.