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MJC Kicks Off New Student Week July 13

Modesto Junior College will host its annual orientation for recently graduated high school students, New Student Day, remotely this year by extending it to an entire week as “New Student Week,” from Monday, July 13 to Thursday, July 16. Interested students should reserve their spot as soon as possible.

High school students who sign up will have the opportunity to attend virtual workshops and learn the following subjects that will prepare them for college success: College 101; Careers; Student Involvement; Application; PiratesNet; Student Email; Educational Planning and Registration.

“We are very proud to serve our high school graduates by taking an orientation that would normally happen in person, one entire day, and adapt it digitally over the course of four days, building in time flexibility for workshops,” said Angelica Guzman, Director of Admissions and Records in the Department of Enrollment Services.

For more information and to sign up for MJC’s “New Student Week,” visit the web page: For more information, contact Guzman at Modesto Junior College:

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