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Winter Tree Trimming: Time To Think Green
Winter pruning


Is your winter tree maintenance limited to trimming the Christmas tree? If so, you’re missing out on one of the season’s most important home projects. Many homeowners pay little attention to their trees and bushes once colder weather arrives, but seasonal maintenance done during these months can be incredibly beneficial, not only for the plant but for you as well.

So grab your tools and your gloves because it’s time to get started on your winter tree pruning.


Why is winter tree pruning important?

Think of winter tree pruning as a head start. Pruning trees and shrubs during the dormant cycle ensures they will have a full growing season when spring arrives. In addition to the longer growing season, winter is also a good time to prune because colder temperatures reduce the risk of disease or pests attacking the plant.

Finally, pruning your trees during winter is also an easy way to protect your home from dying or diseased branches that may pose a falling risk. This is especially true in regions where heavy snowfall is common.


What trees or shrubs should you prune during the winter?

There are several species of trees or shrubs that can be pruned during the winter months, but you can categorize them into three easy-to-remember groups:


Hardwood trees. Pruning hardwood trees in the winter is easy thanks to their lack of foliage. Branches should be cut just above the branch collar – the space where the limb and the tree come together. This area of the tree is rich in anti-microbial chemicals to help the tree heal from the pruning without suffering decay. Clippers can be used to trim smaller branches, but for larger sections or dying plants, use the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. This all-around powerful saw features the X-Torq engine for lower fuel consumption and emission levels without a drop-off in power. Its auto return stop switch makes it easier to handle, perfect for those spots where you need to make that precise cut.


Fruit trees. Similar to their hardwood cousin, winter is also a great time to prune fruit trees. Each species of fruit tree has special considerations you must take into account, however, so research your species before pruning. Once you’re finished, your efforts will be rewarded in the spring with larger, more delicious fruit.


Shrubs and/or trees that flower. Want the best blooms next summer? Prune any tree or shrub that flowers after May 15, late in the winter. To handle those projects efficiently, use the Husqvarna 136LiHD45 hedge trimmer. This trimmer features advanced battery technology for optimal power output, and their one-touch keypad makes it easy to get the job done right without excess battery loss.


When do you start pruning?

Branches that pose a falling risk should be handled immediately, but if you want to maximize the spring growing season, late winter is the time to prune. Start your project with the right tools and you’ll support fuller, healthier plant growth during the spring, giving you another great reason to say goodbye to winter.