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Wayside Horn Needs Repair


One of the four ‘wayside horns’ in Escalon – at the railroad intersection at Main and St. John – has malfunctioned, requiring train engineers to blow the normal train horn as they approach that crossing.

Residents curious about the return to the traditional horn blowing can be certain it is a temporary change.

City Manager Tammy Alcantor said a malfunction with the horn is requiring replacement of a part, and as soon as that work is done, the wayside horn will be back in operation.

Four crossings in the city have had the wayside horns in use for several years, allowing for ‘quiet zones’ through the community, as opposed to having the engineers blow the train horns. The wayside horns are audible primarily only at the crossings, reducing the noise level.

Alcantor said the work should be completed this week.