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Smiles Fill The Library For Summer Reading Finale
Mr. Mustache, right, hypnotized Mr. Quick into acting like a chicken. Quick interrupted Mustaches floating balls of illusion act by clucking and strutting around the library. Times Photos By Dennis D. Cruz

In the summer finale of the Friends of the Escalon Library Summer Reading Program, the Circus of Smiles entertained the large crowd on hand. The duo of Andrew Quick aka Mr. Quick and Tyler “Mr. Mustache” Parks brought their physical comedy act to the local branch of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library on Tuesday, July 25 for two shows. The comedy team began working together in their college days at UC Santa Cruz and have since toured the world together.

Quick and Mustache started the show off by interacting with the audience by pulling pranks on the kids in the front row. Once they began their act, the laughs and smiles could be heard all through the library. Quick and Mustache displayed their talent in two fun-filled shows. The comedy and acrobatic team displayed their juggling talents by juggling hacky sacks, rings and even clubs. Quick and Mustache’s show was not just for the young, but for the young at heart. The two pulled an adult member of the audience front and center to help with one of their routines. While balancing on a cylinder and board, the adult “volunteer” – Donovan – came to the front of the audience and made funny noises with them, danced with them and even tossed rings up to Quick, who was doing the balancing.

“We love making kids laugh, but it’s when the adults also have a great time, and get involved is when I feel like we did a good job,” Mustache said.

Mustache entertained the crowd with his magic, and dazzled the audience with his floating ball of illusion, and hypnotized Quick, turning him into a chicken through the power of suggestion. As a chicken, Quick clucked his way through the crowd sending the kids into a frenzy. Once Quick came back to his normal self, Mustache and Quick began a musical dance off that featured the Macarena, big hair bands, and even the hit “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen.

The two continued with a slow motion fight scene, tumbling, chasing each other and then wrapped it up with the help of two youngsters in their finale. For the finale of the show, Quick climbed Mustache and sat on his shoulders while one of the youngsters tossed clubs up to Quick as he juggled them.