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Senior Friendships Among The Best
Senior Corner 7/21/21
Tina Jensen

Making new friends changes like the color of my hair. I have friendships that are old from years of growing up together. Then there are the friendships that have come into my life through my children and grandchildren. At this age, while living out my retirement and pursuing new interests, friendship means appreciating someone who is upbeat and interested in life. I have found that when I expel those two qualities myself, I meet the most interesting people. While raising children and working, I didn’t always take the time to get to know people other than friends that I had for years. My goal for the rest of my life is to open my eyes and really listen while learning as much as I can and while reveling in new friendships. For those of you that sometimes have a hard time recognizing someone who could potentially be a great friend, consider these five things:

A friend is someone who quietly tells you that you have a hair growing out of your chin before it is long enough to curl.

A friend is someone who says, “Even though I am really jealous, I’m also really happy for you”, while appearing somewhat sincere!

A friend is someone who can keep a secret close even when they are dying to post it on Facebook.

A friend is someone who doesn’t notice that you gained weight while complimenting you on the jeans that you are close to exploding out of.

A friend is someone who listens to the same story that you have told them many times because they know at this age everything is the first time.

Other than those five very, very important points, I now just enjoy the differences and sameness that I see in people that I meet. Seniors, stay positive, step out of your box and enjoy making new friends. Life is good!

I am on the planning committee for “The Escalon Senior Fun Bunch”, if you are interested in making new friends and enjoying senior social events, please contact: Ann Shaddix at 209-505-7854 or