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New Survey Says: Tell School What You Want

The Escalon Unified School District is asking for staff, family and community members to provide their input on a new Communication Survey that will guide the district’s efforts to improve their communication practices and ensure that everyone in the educational community has the information they need to help students succeed.

“We want to get some ideas of the direction we should go,” EUSD Superintendent Ron Costa said.

He added that it is part of the district’s LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) to “improve parent – educator – community communication” and this is the first step in that process.

“We hired a consultant,” he said, adding that the online survey was then developed and will take comment through the end of the month.

“The survey can be accessed on the district website at through April 29,” Costa said.

Residents – both those with children in school and those without – will be asked for their input on a variety of issues.

“Once it’s (survey) closed and the results are obtained, probably sometime in May, will be review them and work to put a plan in place,” Costa explained.

Being an effective communicator, he said, will help the school district reach out to the community and also work cooperatively with parents and students on making sure they are responsive to the needs of the children they are teaching and helping shape for the future.