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New Plan Doesnt Impact Street Flow
Traffic plan
The engineers rendering of the traffic flow plan at the Escalon Plaza shows a new entrance and exit scheme for the busy complex on the citys west end.


Changes announced recently regarding traffic flow at the busy Plaza Avenue area shopping center at the west end of the city have been clarified by city officials. An article in the March 8 issue of The Times indicated changes to some street traffic patterns in the area, but City Manager Tammy Alcantor clarified that the changes will not impact any city streets.

“This is specific to the parking lot of Burger King, Taco Bell and the strip with Subway and Shorty’s,” Alcantor noted of the plan approved by the city council. “This does not affect the streets. Lillian Avenue between Plaza and Escalon Avenue will remain a two way street. Cars will be able to enter the parking lot in the same manner they have been but will no longer be able to exit in the same area.”

Once changes are implemented, the area along Subway, Mini-Mart and Shorty’s will be a one-way heading west. Cars are to exit south of the Burger King drive thru at an already established exit.

“This exit has been in the parking lot since the development of the area but has been underutilized,” Alcantor said. “When exiting out of the southern exit you will be able to make a left or right onto Plaza.”

A left turn gets motorists out to Escalon Avenue and a right turn provides access to Highway 120 westbound.

Traffic in the parking area between Taco Bell and Burger King will still be two way.

City officials said the goal is to provide a smoother flow of traffic in the busy complex.