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Funding Site Seeks Donations For Local
Cancer Battle
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A local resident battling cancer has had a Go Fund Me account set up by one of her co-workers.

Lance Torres, who works with Cassi Prosper in Escalon, has set up the account seeking donations to help her with costs of treatment and travel.

“In December my co-workers and I found out that one of our beloved co-workers was diagnosed with breast cancer. We decided to try and help her and her family by raising some money to help ease the stress of all the unknowns to come,” Torres wrote in the introduction to the fundraising effort. “If you have ever had cancer or have had a family member who has had cancer then you know what she and her family are going through. If you can help us help her that would be amazing.”

Cassi Prosper also provides some information on the site,, and said she is “a 32-year-old mother and wife, recently diagnosed with triple negative stage two breast cancer. Triple negative means that it is not treatable by anti-estrogens, anti-progesterone, or anti-HER2 medications.”

Her cancer is aggressive, treatable with chemotherapy but the regime will be at UCSF and require extensive travel.

To donate, go to the website and you can put the Escalon zip code or Prosper’s name in to reach her specific donation page.

“Prior to my diagnosis I worked three jobs to support my family. I have been a pharmacy technician for over 14 years and am blessed that I have had many opportunities. I work full-time at a hospital pharmacy, part-time at a retail pharmacy, and teach Pharmacy Technician modules at the local Junior College,” Prosper added.

With needing time off for treatment and the travel required, doctor bills and more, the family needs help in affording all that is to come.

Torres encouraged anyone that can to donate to the cause. A check of the site on Tuesday showed 15 donors so far, with $1,725 raised.

“Keeping a positive attitude will help me get over this hurdle in life, but the added stress and possibility of not being able to support my family is the most devastating part of my diagnosis,” added Prosper. “I will be so thankful if anyone could help my family and I through this life changing situation.”