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Farmington Welcomes Pastor

A new pastor is taking over the pulpit at Farmington United Methodist Church.

Originally from Texas, Pastor Peggy Bosch moved to California in 1976 and spent most of her career in public education.

“In the last decade or so, though, I just felt a need, a desire, to focus on serving God by loving and serving His children through the ministry,” she explained. “I am a firm believer in working together and am excited about possibilities and opportunities with the congregation, as well as joining forces with other local churches and members of the community.”

She is now a licensed United Methodist Conference pastor and is serving both Farmington and Escalon United Methodist churches. Her first Sunday in Farmington will be July 2; new worship time is 9:30 a.m.

She lives in Valley Springs with her husband, Pastor John Bosch who is the minister for the Valley Springs First United Methodist Church.

Sunday, June 25, was the last week for Glory Potts at Farmington; the congregation hosted a farewell party for her following worship.