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Farmington News for February 27, 2013
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Now is the time to start stocking up on baby chicks. You can find them at your local feed store or they can be ordered from a breeder. But, you have to decide which variety you want to raise. We usually go to our local feed store, so we can pick out the ones that are available. If you have visited your post office you will probably hear the little peeps in the background.

We purchased a brooder this year to keep the babies in and will have them on the back porch. In the past they have been in the barn with the larger chickens. We would always count them to make sure none are missing. Occasionally one or two have escaped the pen. When this has happened the older chickens chase them and sometimes have caught them thinking they were food. If the little chick is lucky, they found a nice hiding place and of course we would search every nook and cranny hoping to find it so it could be put back in the brooder.

Our preference is usually the Rhode Island Red. They lay nice large brown eggs. Last year Ed bought three Bantams. They are very colorful. Two are roosters and the other one is a hen. They are so funny to watch. They get along with the larger older chickens, but they do not seem to like to socialize during the day. They act as if they want to stay in their own clique. When I notice them out of the yard, I go out and they will follow me back to where they belong. Every day they show up at the front door on our porch around 4 p.m. to let Ed know it is time for him to come out and feed them. He calls them his three amigos.

We have had different varieties of chickens. My favorites were the Silkies. The novelty wore off soon, as they would not go into the hen house at night. I had to go out every night and catch them to put them away for the night.

Now all we have to do is assemble the brooder, get it set up with brooder lights, feed, water and bedding. And, of course when it is time we will go and purchase the baby chicks from the feed store.


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