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Documentary Wins International Award

The documentary Halfway Home, directed by Stanislaus State professor Steve Arounsack, has been given a documentary fund award by the Center for Asian American Media. Arounsack is an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Director of the Keck Visual Anthropology Lab. In 2012 he won the Sony Electronics Faculty Award for Innovative Instruction with Technology.

Halfway Home explores how Asian Americans in California’s Central Valley are using art to reveal their legacy as immigrants and to reshape tired narratives. In a region better known for its agricultural productivity, four artists convene spirited gatherings through their remarkable talents. In celebrating their communities, these vanguards are crafting hybrids that are halfway between their ancestral culture and today’s popular culture.

Stan State will be hosting a screening of Halfway Home on Tuesday, March 20 in Snider Recital Hall from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The film runs 40 minutes, leaving time for a discussion with the filmmaker.