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District Attorney Files Year-Old Assault Charge

A year-old cold assault case has surfaced against Rocky Overturf, also charged in the death of 36-year-old Aaron Messick, and it’s something of a carbon copy of the scenario at the Valley Inn bar on Main Street in Escalon that took Messick’s life.

Escalon Police Department Detective Anthony Hardgraves said Tuesday morning that the District Attorney’s office had located the case file and added it to the murder charge against Rocky Overturf, 26, of Escalon, showing something of a pattern in the Messick assault. Both men were reportedly hit in the head behind the bar and both fell, hitting their heads on the ground, Hardgraves noted.

In the 2015 case, the victim reportedly went home where he went into convulsions and his wife called 9-1-1 with an ambulance responding to their Escalon residence. After the victim was treated at his home, police offered to make a report and file charges against Overturf but the victim in that incident decided against filing a formal complaint against him.

Overturf remains in San Joaquin County Jail without bail on a murder charge in the early morning Nov. 20 death of Messick and on the 2015 assault charge. He has appeared for arraignment one time already at the Stockton Courthouse and is due back before the judge at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 14, according to the Sheriff’s Department website.