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Community Ambulance Calls

Escalon Community Ambulance has listed its calls for service for the period from Wednesday, April 20 through Wednesday, April 27.


Crews responded to:

Heart problems – 3

CVA/Stroke – 0

Breathing problems – 3

Traumatic injury –6

Other medical problems – 16

Total Patients – 28


Hospital destination:

San Joaquin General – 0

Doctor’s Hospital Manteca – 2

Doctor’s Hospital Modesto – 9

Memorial Medical Center – 3

Kaiser – Modesto – 5

Oak Valley Hospital – 2


Number of patients transported – 21

Number of patients without transport – 7


With ECA members helping deliver a child on the way to the hospital just a few weeks ago, they offer these basics for the expectant moms out there.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or your fifth, there are some definite signs of impending delivery:

If you’re active, contractions get stronger instead of easing up

If you change position, contractions don’t go away

The contraction pain starts in your lower back and moves to your lower abdomen, and possibly your legs

Contractions progress: They get more frequent and more painful, and sometimes fall into a regular pattern

You have experienced a “rapid” delivery in the past and your drive to the hospital is not a short one!

Give 911 a jingle and someone on the other end will not only get our medics started your way but will give you instructions on how to prepare.

If you have a Doctor and have been getting good prenatal care you should be well versed on when to pack up and head for a hospital with plenty of time to spare, but for those times when Murphy is at work ECA is ready to fill in for the hospital!

If you aren’t already a member, consider signing up for membership with Escalon Community Ambulance. For a cost of just $55 dollars a year per household you can become a member. For more information or to sign up as a member, visit the website at and click on the Membership & Donation page for details.