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City Fireworks Booths Prep For Holiday Sales

Thursday, June 28 at noon will see several fireworks booths open for business around the City of Escalon.

The booths, which are allowed to sell the Safe and Sane fireworks, can remain open through Wednesday, July 4 at midnight. Residents can purchase and legally use the fireworks in the city.

City officials normally have a ‘lottery’ style drawing for the booths but this year did not have to choose, as four groups sought the four available spots. Each year, the city sets aside a site for the Escalon Parks Foundation and that site will be in the Escalon Center parking lot on Jackson Avenue (Highway 120), situated near D’Boni’s and adjacent to Hula’s.

The Escalon Ag Boosters booth will be set up across the street, in the parking lot at Big Boy Market on Jackson Avenue. Escalon Covenant Church will have a booth set up in the church parking lot at 1155 Escalon Ave., and the booth run by the Escalon Sports Boosters will be in the MarVal Main Street Market parking lot in the Vineyard Square shopping complex on McHenry Avenue.