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CHP Safety Tips Offered For Hot Summer Travel

California summers are an exciting time to enjoy traveling, vacations, and road trips. Many people consider the summer months a perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends. During this time, vehicle traffic increases and so do the temperatures. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable summer. However, driving safely during the summer months requires some preparation.

“No matter how much you prepare for your road trip, something can always go wrong,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow. “By following a few simple safety tips, motorists can help minimize the risks associated with travel.”

The CHP encourages motorists to be prepared to manage the summer heat by adhering to a few safety tips:

Never leave children or animals unattended in a vehicle. It only takes minutes for the interior temperature of a vehicle to reach dangerous levels and have tragic results.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for summer travel. Check your vehicle’s tires and radiator system. Summer temperatures place extra demands on your vehicle and it should be properly checked to ensure safe travels.

Be prepared. Even well-maintained vehicles break down sometimes. Carry an emergency kit, water, cellular telephone and charger, jumper cables, flashlight with extra batteries, a good spare tire, and a jack.

Get directions to your destination and check the road and weather conditions in advance. Consult travel applications on your mobile phone or visit either the CHP’s or California Department of Transportation’s Web site.

Buckle up. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt. Young children must be properly buckled in a car seat or booster seat.

Check your surroundings for children, pets, or other pedestrians before backing out of a garage or driveway. Driver visibility can be significantly reduced on sport utility vehicles, trucks, and other large vehicles.