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Light Agenda Greets City Council Members

In a Monday night meeting, March 18, there were only a couple of items of business needing attention from the Escalon City Council.

One item dealt with accepting a mitigated negative declaration for a new domestic water supply well. By approving the negative declaration, the council certified that there would be “no detrimental environmental effects” based on the development of the new well.

It will be on Roosevelt Avenue, near the site of a former well that was shut down.

“This will replace Well No. 1,” said City Manager Tammy Alcantor.

The other item before the council members was the city’s Community Development Block Grant Program, which was originally slated for action at the last meeting but pulled off that agenda in order to work in a couple of other projects.

“We talked with the county and we were able to get a couple of additional projects in there,” Alcantor said.

One is at the Escalon Community Center, with the project designed to repair some leaks in the designated Senior Room; the other is also at the Community Center and focuses on parking lot improvements and redesign to account for future growth and expansion at the adjoining Hogan-Ennis Park.

Alcantor said the two projects together will receive $68,000 from the Community Development Block Grant program, with a timetable for each project still to be determined.