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Letters To The Editor 8/7/19
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Appreciate Efforts For Region


Dear Editor,

Recently, Rep. Josh Harder introduced a bipartisan package of Bills to support career and trades education. Which brings support to our local schools for trades education and brings good-paying jobs to the Central Valley. The bills supported by the National Education Association, prioritize trades skills with innovative new programs. I attended one of his many Town Halls Josh has had in our area, in which these topics were discussed by educators and professionals from our area. After these discussions many questions were addressed. I can agree to this subject having started my career as mechanic, with several courses and work years later I took on my own I ended up as the Head instructor of ATM repair for one of the largest ATM networks. People who live in his district should check out his Website and Facebook Events page for a schedule of meetings and events. It’s a nice feeling to see Josh and his staff working for us and listings to our views.

Frank Sisky



Turn Down The Volume


Dear Editor,

My wife and I just returned from a screening at the Regal Theater in Modesto. After initially walking into the particular screening, we immediately went back to the lobby and complained to the staff about the decibel level of the showing. There has been a different excuse every time we have complained; this time, we’ve been having audio issues with that screening room. Another excuse was that the Production Studios require a certain level of the sound during the previews and the theater had no control over that!

Ear plugs and tissues made the movie tolerable, but just barely. I thought that, in California, we had decibel levels set by the government for all public venues, including movie theaters, bars, concerts, etc. The high decibel levels are a detriment to the public’s health and needs constant monitoring.

We have decided to contact our State and Federal representatives regarding this issue, in addition to boycotting the Regal Theater.

Jerry Emery