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Letters To The Editor 11/21/18
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(Editor’s Note: These letters are ones submitted by students at Escalon High School as part of a class project. The Times will print a couple of submissions each week during November.)



Make Our Roads Safer


Dear Editor,

In Escalon there are many roads where drivers, drive very fast. In neighborhoods, by schools, and even in town are some places where fast driving occurs. Many people have tried to fix this problem by putting in speed meters but many people don’t pay attention and continue to drive their speed. One way we can help fix this problem is to put speed bumps in town, in neighborhoods, and in front of schools.

The reason for the speed bumps in these areas is to provide better safety for children going to school or playing in their front yards, elderly crossing roads, and possibly help minimize accidents in areas. By putting speed bumps in primary locations people will slow down, no one would want to go fast over speed bumps because it would damage their car. Put speed bumps in these locations to effectively help our town for the better.


Ariel Astabie



Don’t Close The Door On Housing


Dear Editor,

In recent years, California has struggled to maintain affordable housing for its residents. This has caused an increase in the amount of people that experience homelessness. Homelessness is not the only issue that some people experience. Being homeless can create other issues as well, such as; physical and mental health problems, legal issues, inadequate shelter and food, and also puts people’s safety at risk. Overall, homelessness can affect a person’s life in various ways. The lack of affordable housing is an issue that impacts the entire state because it has increased homelessness and all the other issues that arise with it.

This is an issue that should affect everyone because no one deserves to be living without a home. There are some programs that offer housing assistance; however many of these have waiting lists or strict rules that may disqualify some people from it. There are some landlords that do rent out to people, but many of them have high rents that tend to increase often. People should not have to choose between paying their rent or buying food or medicine.

I believe that the state can create programs that assist people with finding housing and also reduce housing costs. These programs can also offer assistance with other issues that people may have such as; finding a job or physical/mental health services. When people have a place to live then they can focus on other issues they may have.


Anahi Murga



Texting And Driving


Dear Editor,

Why do people text and drive? Some people don’t think right when it comes to texting and driving. They think, Oh I got a notification on my phone so I am going to look at it. When people use their phones while driving they are taking their eyes off of the road and are looking down and something can happen in the blink of an eye. You’re not just putting yourself in danger, you’re also putting other people in danger. Especially people who aren’t in a vehicle but who are walking on the sidewalks and streets.

In the U.S.A., six to 16 percent of all car accidents are caused by texting and driving. Texting can wait until you get to your destination. All cars should come with a feature that disables your phone while the car is in drive. This might help stop people from texting and driving. There are apps that do this, but people will have to be willing to actually use them. This isn’t likely. Another thing that could help is to show real pictures of accidents due to texting and driving to people before they get their license. I mean “real” pictures of the horribleness. Imagine yourself as the other person and you are the one driving along or walking and a car comes at you as the driver is texting. Bam, you’re dead!


Alexis Gaffney