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Letters To The Editor 11-27-19
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(Editor’s Note: This is a group of letters written by Escalon High School students as part of a class exercise, dealing with timely topics and issues of concern. This is the final grouping of letters to appear in The Times; each issue in November has included a few from students, selected at random.)


Turn Up The Music


Dear Editor,

I believe that Escalon High School should play music for students to listen to at appropriate times during football games. This is a problem because students at Escalon High have not been given the privilege to play music throughout our games. The idea has also been brought up many times to administrators but no action has been taken upon it. Many schools in our area play music for their student section and some schools even go as far as to provide DJs for their students during their games. To fix this issue, the school can allow students to make a playlist with clean songs which can be played over the loud speakers in between plays, during time outs, at halftime, etc. The addition of music throughout our football games would unify our student section and makes the games more enjoyable for students. As a result, more students would want to attend games and support our school. Visitors at our school would also undoubtedly notice the unity and school spirit that our student body has, which would portray Escalon High positively to the surrounding community.


Addison Stewart



Drought And Conservation


Dear Editor,

The main issue that I believe the Central Valley faces is water and the conservation of water, and after California’s 2011-2017 drought, the worst drought in California’s known history, I believe that not just as a community but as a state we should take a serious look at water and the conservation of water. I believe that water conservation isn’t just very important to our community but to our economy as a whole due to the countless amounts of fruits, vegetables, and nuts that are grown here in the Central Valley. California alone produces eighty percent of the world’s almonds, forty percent of the world’s walnuts, and eighty-one percent of the world’s wine and without water none of these would be allowed to thrive thus killing the economy. We can all make a difference to conserve water, it could be the little things like fixing a leaky faucet or even planting drought resistant plants. It is the government’s responsibility to prepare us for emergencies like another drought, so steps I believe the government could take to help keep citizens aware is through public service programs, announcements, and they can also promote the conservation of water.


Dillon Watson



Racism Still Exists


Dear Editor,

a recent topic I would like to discuss is racism and immigration. Immigration is getting worse. Immigrants come to the United States seeking liberty, opportunities, and a better future. Instead, what immigrants face is humiliation, racial slurs, and treated with disrespect. Racism sets a person to look bad by saying something negative about the race and makes others see that specific race like that. Immigrants come and get treated like aliens.

Immigrants come to a land which was taken by force, and get treated as if they took the land. People who tried to change racism and immigration went down in history, such as Ida B Wells, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois, and The Freedom Riders. Immigrants come to the United States and some get deported some families get separated and get their dreams crushed or disillusioned by it. I wish to solve this problem by having people understand how or why people immigrate. One only needs to put themselves in their shoes to see how stressful it is to be in a situation where you have to leave your homeland and try to start fresh somewhere else.

Racism is pure hate and discrimination, a hate that creates more hate and an already set image for the race. Some just view them as what they have heard even if the races is different it scares other people away and have them viewed as dangerous or sketchy. Racism leads to power, violence, superiority, and abuse verbal or physical sometimes even both. I wish people could just see that we are not that different, that we are all human and that we all deserve to be treated equal. We shouldn’t be viewed as different because of skin color, where we are from, or race.

Racism and immigration are significant problems because we have no peace even within our own country which is supposedly “the land of the free”. We are not united. We only state the problems we have, but don’t try to solve them. The people who have risked their lives to end segregation, racism, and slavery would be disappointed that we allow it to still happen. What we could do is try to understand each other before we judge, and understand that we are all human, and need to be treated with respect. Then, maybe we could then be more united.

Yours Truly,

Silvina Ramirez