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Letter Writing Campaign For High School Students

Is climate change real? Should vaccinations be optional?

Those are just a couple of the questions raised by students in Ryan Young’s class at Escalon High School, as they recently took on an annual traditional of writing ‘Letters to the Editor’ on timely, thought-provoking topics.

Students are given suggestions for topics but then have to research and prepare their own letters, making their point in a cohesive, persuasive manner.

Kaleohano Pebria dealt with climate change and suggested that there’s more fiction than fact behind it, allowing many to reap rewards.

“I certainly believe in living a cleaner life, and protecting our planet. Do not pollute, pick up your trash, and those who don’t should be punished,” Pebria wrote. “All I ask is that you do real research from actual studies before falling into the narrative. These scientists, politicians, celebrities, and so forth have made Millions off of this narrative.”

Student Madison Sousa tackled regulated vaccines and their impact.

“Vaccinations are one of the many things enforced by the government which should not be,” Sousa wrote. “The state should not be able to tell anyone what they need to put into their bodies. No two people are alike and with that being said how are these politicians absolutely certain that everyone will respond the same and that no one will be injured, they have no way of knowing.”

Gena Goodman chose to debate the local school dress code.

“I think that we should be allowed to express ourselves and let us wear what we want to wear,” Goodman said. “With the fashion trends constantly changing in the world today, it is hard for us girls to stay fashionable without being dress coded.”

Students also tackled such issues as gun trafficking, immigration, abortion, cyber security, and drinking and driving.

Over the next few weeks, through the remaining issues in November, The Times will feature some student letters each Wednesday in the Letters to the Editor section. The letters are selected at random but are designed to give a good cross section of topics, as well as male and female writers.

The project is one that has been done at Escalon High School for several years and gives students the opportunity to voice their opinion – and often share their convictions – regarding current topics, as well as local, state and national issues.