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Keeping Seniors Active, Engaged
Senior Corner - March

Ann Shaddix, Cindy Moreno, Peggy Rocha and myself are the planning committee for “The Fun Bunch” senior events in Escalon. Each month, we are determined to create an afternoon that will entice seniors to get out of the house for an entertaining, fun gathering. Being seniors ourselves gives us an understanding of how aging affects our bodies and minds. The first thing that I say when waking up in the morning, referring to any aches or pains is, “Boy, I hope that goes away!” An example of little mind bleeps for me was the other day leaving the grocery store. As I arrived at what I thought was my car (it was the same color), I tried the handle and it didn’t open. I looked inside, spotted a car seat and quickly scurried around to my car hoping no one noticed. As seniors, our sometimes short memory, lack of understanding of new technologies and calling our grandchildren several names before we hit on the right one is all part of this new stage of our lives. But as I have noticed with my 91-year-old mother-in-law and myself, being around people our own age helps us to feel comfortable and be able to find humor in our aging instead of embarrassment. It’s difficult to not feel inadequate around younger people especially when they don’t say anything but occasionally give that, “she’s losing it look”. I know that I didn’t understand aging at all until just highlights in my hair were not enough anymore. Seniors have lived a lot of life, worked hard and accomplished many things so we should all be proud gray haired (the gray is under there somewhere) seniors laughing, loving and being thankful and proud of who we have become no matter how many car handles we try!

Please note that the Wednesday, March 18 gathering at the Escalon Community Center has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution for seniors regarding the ongoing health concerns surrounding the coronavirus. However, extended future plans for Escalon Seniors includes adding classes in varying interests. Our first class will be Senior yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning on April 21 and April 23, both at 8 a.m. in the Escalon Community Center. At this time, the cost will be donation only. We are also looking for local entertainment for our monthly events. If you know of anyone who sings, dances or plays an instrument please let us know!