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Home For The Holidays: A Tale Of Two Pups
Yodi and Angel are hoping for loving new homes in time for the holidays. Yodi’s adoption fee is $50. Angel’s adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor. Both adoptions include the spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinations. Photo Contributed

Christmas has arrived at the Oakdale Animal Shelter. In a pair of unlikely packages.

One wrapped in shining, black-and-white fur. The other, a subtle mix of brindle and gray. Two young pit bull dogs, with personalities as different as night and day, have turned the shelter into a rousing, joyous celebration of the season.

Angel, a gorgeous girl with a mile-wide smile, bursting with energy and happiness, but fussy about other dogs.

Yodi, quiet and still when he came in. His grey eyes, the exact same color as his coat, were cautious, fearful.

Carefully introduced to each other by the staff, it seemed like they could be friends. After a few days of more interactions and walks, a decision was made to let them be in the yard together, first on leashes, then off. The connection between the two pups was immediate. It was like fireworks and champagne corks popping. They jumped and bumped and chased each other around and around the yard. They could not get enough of the fun, a chance to be out of their kennels and be like other dogs, running and playing with a friend.

“Their happiness was contagious,” said a shelter volunteer. “Just watching two shelter dogs have this much fun was absolutely fabulous.”

“Angel really needed a friend who understood her,” said another volunteer. “She found her soulmate in Yodi.”

The feeling is mutual. Yodi’s bond with Angel has allowed him to show his playfulness. He has opened up to trusting and accepting of attention and is a shelter favorite.

“Yodi thinks he is a lap dog now,” said Dee, a volunteer. “He will make the best pet or even an emotional support dog. He is that calm.”

For Angel, her relationship with Yodi has made her more tolerant of other dogs. She has learned it is more fun to have someone to play with than it is to be alone. The two pups now get to have their time together every day and their excitement has not dimmed. Their happiness spills over to everyone involved with the shelter.

Both dogs are ready to be in permanent homes. As nice as it is to have a friend to play with, it is even better to have a home to call their own, with toys and comfortable beds, children to love and neighbors to greet.

Yodi and Angel can go as a package deal or as individuals. They are ready to be home for Christmas.

The Oakdale Animal Shelter, which services the Oakdale, Riverbank and Escalon areas, is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

For more information on these two holiday treats, Yodi and Angel, call the shelter at 209-847-5625.