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Holiday Event Showcases ‘Money On Trees’
Beeler pix 1.jpg
The boots were all lined up at the Beeler household on Saturday, Jan. 19 for a special holiday event, a scavenger hunt for cash in the orchard.

It was a delayed holiday celebration for the Beeler family in Escalon – and they definitely made it memorable.

With mom Terri hospitalized during the Christmas season with pneumonia and dad Ed working on Camp Fire relief efforts, the family had to postpone their holiday celebrations. But Terri came up with a unique way to mark the occasion this past weekend.

The family, including three Beeler daughters, a son-in-law, three grandchildren and a daughter’s boyfriend, had the chance to head out to the family’s almond orchard and do a scavenger hunt – looking for various denominations of cash.

“It’s money grows on trees,” Terri explained.

Each of the participants received a card with information on what types of bills they were to collect, and how much they would receive. Then it was off to the orchard, with boots on, to find the money ‘growing’ on the trees. Actually, it had been placed there previously by Terri, clothespins used to affix the bills to tree branches.

A bonus bill was ‘hidden’ in the pool as an added incentive.

Terri said it seemed like something a little different and fun, especially considering the celebration was nearly a month after the holiday.

Daughter Katie and her husband live in Modesto and have three sons, ranging in age from 10 to 2, while daughter Hannah lives in Walnut Creek and daughter Alex lives in San Luis Obispo.