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Health Officials Offer Myth Busters For Virus

Representatives of the Health Plan of San Joaquin, HPSJ, have put together a ‘myth busters’ list for COVID-19, as residents learn to navigate life surrounding the pandemic.

“This is what we know,” said HPSJ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lakshmi Dhanvanthari. “We each need to act now … to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”


Only The Old Are In Danger

Think you’re young and can’t get COVID-19? Think again.

Younger people, such as many Millennials, are at risk of getting the infection. Recent reports show adults ages 20 to 44 are likely up to one-third of US pandemic patients. Many had to be hospitalized and a few needed to be on a ventilator (breathing machine). We can reduce the danger by acting now.


Hey, If I Get It, I Get It

Think again, because you have a choice.

It is not too late to stop the spread of this killer coronavirus. You may not get sick, but you can carry the virus and spread it to others, and they to others, and create a chain of spread. Some of them are likely to get very sick needing to be in the hospital and a few may die. Don’t become ill and don’t be a carrier who infects other men and women of all ages. The right thing to do now for yourself and others: Physical distancing. Lots of handwashing. Staying home.


None Of My Friends Have It And Neither Do I

Think again. Coronavirus is like other viruses. It can infect you, but not make you sick.

That’s how this super-villain used us humans to jet it around the world. Wash your hands. Stop the spread. Stay home. Stay six-feet away. Stay safe.


Only Others Can Save Us

Think you can’t make a difference in a global pandemic? Think again.

This started with one person. Now each person can do their part to save us all. Until there’s a cure, physical distancing is our most powerful weapon. Keep six feet between you and anyone not an immediate family member. If you absolutely must go out (for food, your meds, or cleaning products) do it quickly and then kill the coronavirus with soap. Do not touch your face – it loves getting in your nose, eyes, and throat.


I’m Not A Doctor Or Nurse, I Can’t Do Anything

Wrong – You can do a lot.

You can stop the spread by washing your hands, a lot. You can stay home and go out only if you must. If you go out keep at least six feet away from others. If you are sick you must stay home and try to quarantine yourself from others at home, and call your physician.


If I’m Stuck At Home, I’ll Just Be Bored With Nothing To Do

Wrong – There are people who need you, right now.

Reach out to family and neighbors by phone or social media. This contact can be lifesaving for the elderly and millennials who are even more isolated than you – and very afraid. If they live by themselves, they are stressed and feeling in danger.


This Is Not My Job: It’s Up To Doctors And Nurses To Save Us

Wrong – They are on the front lines.

Too many are getting sick; many are dying – for us. From hospitals all over California and the US, they are pleading: We stay here for you. Please stay home for us. Do not spread this coronavirus. Stay home. Keep six feet from those not in your immediate family. Kill this invading virus with lots of 20 seconds of handwashing – it just hates soap. Join our doctors and nurses. Like them, be a public health hero.


It’s Just A Cold, My Doctor Doesn’t Want To Hear From Me

Wrong – They just need to hear from you in the right way.

Call your doctor’s office and follow their instructions. You will help stop the spread, you will help keep everyone in the office safe – including you.