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Haunted Castles Across The Globe

Haunted buildings tend to garner more attention around Halloween. Some people believe in ghosts and haunted buildings while others feel apparitions are nothing more than a byproduct of superstitious imaginations running wild.

But even those who don’t subscribe to the idea that ghosts can linger on earth and haunt certain buildings no doubt enjoy a good story. The following castles are among the many buildings across the globe purported to be inhabited by spirits.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia: A cave castle situated in the middle of a cliff, Predjama Castle in Slovenia was once inhabited by the robber baron Erazem Lueger. After murdering a relative of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III in 1483, Erazem managed to hole up and survive in the castle thanks to secret passageways in the cave that made it possible for him to secure food and other provisions. But Erazem was ultimately betrayed by one of his men, and legend has it he haunts the castle to this day.

Burg Eltz, Germany: Surrounded by the serene Eltz Forest, Burg Eltz has, somewhat incredibly, been owned and cared for by the same family for more than 800 years. Legend suggests it is haunted by Countess Agnes, who the legend states died while defending the castle from an unwanted suitor.

Chillingham Castle, England: Visitors to Chillingham Castle can visit its torture chamber, which includes a stretching rack, cages, a bed of nails and a spiked chair. A ghost tour of the castle teaches visitors about its extensive history of supposed paranormal activity.

Larnach Castle, New Zealand: Among the world’s more recently built castles, Larnach Castle was built in the 1880s to serve as the home of merchant and politician William Larnach. Legend suggests that Larnach’s daughter Kate, for whom he built the castle’s ballroom, has haunted the room since her death from typhoid at age 26. Larnach himself would ultimately commit suicide away from castle grounds.

Himeji Castle, Japan: Built in 1333, Himeji Castle is featured in various local legends. Among the most popular involves lost dishes. According to that legend, the character Okiku was falsely accused of losing dishes that were valuable to the family residing within Himeji Castle. That accusation would prove the undoing of Okiku, who was killed and thrown into a well, which Okiku haunts to this day.