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Hang On, We Are Almost There
Senior Corner 1-20-21
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Recently, my poor husband colored my gray roots for the third time since lockdowns began. Hopefully, for his sake, this will be the last time. He’s gotten so good at it that I think he should come out of retirement and start a new career with the title, “Don’t fear, the Hair Rejuvenator is here!”

I finally hit my ultimate stay in the house marathon recently by not getting out of my nightgown and robe for an entire day. The first half of the day felt great, really relaxing and then the second half felt as if I had completely given up on my former life as I once knew it. The next morning, I woke and thought to myself that if this virus doesn’t get me by making me sick then I am not going to let it get me by making me crazy, at least any crazier than my natural state. So, I took a shower, burned my nightgown (not really, it just sounds dramatic) and fixed my hair. I felt better already and called any friends that I hadn’t talked to for a while. By the time I called my daughter, I was determined to pull myself out of the COVID funk. She listened to me for a while and then asked, “How much coffee have you had, you sound a little … uh, you know, crazy?” Alright, I admit I might have sounded a little crazy in my new high on life state of mind. But, I was not going to let anyone put a dent in my totally normal positiveness!

I know that every one of you now knows the frustrated feeling after months of living a limited life for safety’s sake. Our family visits are scarce and getting to see our friends depends on how much they have been wearing their masks and how many people they’ve been around (no judgement of course). And then there are the closed restaurants. A nice dinner that we could really enjoy steaming hot instead of preparing it ourselves or eating cold take out would be amazing. But the best part … No dishes! The giddy feeling of seeing all of us free to be ourselves again seems, fingers crossed, right around the corner. Seniors, hang in there, help is coming. We may be a mental shadow of our former selves but with any luck we will soon all be happily together again!

The “Escalon Senior fun Bunch” currently sends out monthly newsletters. When it is safe, our once a month social events that involve entertainment and informative speakers for seniors will continue. Presently, we are offering drive-up events for members. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at: or Ann 209-505-7854.