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GoFundMe Efforts For Farmworkers
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As the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread and greatly impact farmworkers and their families in the agricultural counties of central and northern California, many hoping to help have turned to GoFundMe in an effort to rally communities to give what they can.

A variety of GoFundMe campaigns are raising money to bring water, food, aid, pay for laptops and school supplies for children and offer help to California farmworkers at risk from rising COVID-19 cases, unsafe air due to the wildfires and the extremely high temperatures.

Here are a few of the GoFundMe campaigns that are gaining support:


Feed A Farmworker


California Farmworkers


Aid for small local farmers in the Valley


Protect our Northern CA Essential Farm Workers


#Supplies4FarmWorkers Kids & Families


Funds for School Supplies: Farm Workers' Children


Give merit and appreciation to our farmworkers


Helping Children of Farmworkers