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Getting Through This!
Senior Corner 5-13-20

During this time of staying at home more than most of us ever have, our resilience and the manner in which we survive seems to be, at times, generational. As a senior, I am fully aware that my teenage grandchildren wake each morning excited to greet their windows to the world through their phones before they do anything else. I’m not saying that I don’t log my share of phone time but their time is filled with a comfortable knowledge that they can easily sort and use tasks in a way that I can only dream of. Our group, “The Escalon Fun Bunch” in an attempt to help Escalon seniors be safe have been making and delivering masks to several seniors that have attended our events in the past. After a hundred or so, someone asked me to make a YouTube video to demonstrate how to construct them. I quickly realized that I am old (not in a bad way, I earned it) and most of the YouTubers are younger and much more savvy in making these than some of us over … let’s just say 66?? We don’t have the latest equipment that our kids/grandkids have and the thought of donning the mask, gloves, and sanitizer to go out into the jungle that we call stores for this simple thing seemed too time consuming. My husband found an old camera stand but had no way to connect it to my phone so with tape that had to cover the camera button and a rubber band to hold it in place the adventure began. I had to video a section at a time then get up out of my chair to stop the camera, reset for the next segment and then again get up out of my chair to peel the tape off of the camera button, readjust the rubber band and start the camera once again and repeat. After tripping over my chair more times than I like to remember, dropping my phone (shatterproof) and readjusting it all several times, I realized I was in over my head. How in the world would I put this all together when and if I finished it? Stress was beginning to invade my thoughts and in my mind I could see my kids rolling their eyes. My senior short term memory loss suddenly allowed me to remember that my granddaughter had created videos for high school. I called her and she said, “Grandma, just record whatever you want and I’ll edit it (like my 66-year-old neck?) and put it all together, no problem.” God bless that girl and her youthful knowledge. I then calmed down, took a deep breath and with further tripping and repeating a few words that I have heard on Netflix, I finished the video. The lighting is not worthy of a “B” celebrity and my speech is in a definite off key monotone but I did get it done. As seniors in this day and age, at times, we all feel that we live in an alternate world with constantly changing technology but with our life experiences, drive and motivation we can teach the younger generation our motto of “we can do this” and demonstrate how we almost always find a way to get the job done. This difficult and scary time in our lives will too pass and again we will find a way to get it done. Our survival is dependent on being there for each other and taking care of ourselves. As the Senior Fun Bunch, we look forward to the time when we can resume our monthly activities and just enjoy each other.

Escalon senior citizens, if you are in need of anything please email us at The Escalon Food Pantry is also available to help those in need at 209-417-2048 and is located at 1601 Second Street in Escalon.