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First Responders, City Leaders, Residents Share Night Out
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There were several stops made during National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 2 and the neighbors on Sophie Lane were delighted to greet the members of the caravan. Here, Escalon Police Department members and Escalon firefighters hand out stickers and other small giveaway items. VIRGINIA STILL/THE TIMES

With one last minute stop added on at the end of the evening, the 2022 edition of National Night Out in Escalon featured nine locations for the first responders/city officials caravan to visit.

First up was Saron Lutheran Church at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2, followed by additional 15-minute visits at eight more locations around the city.

Coordinators were thanked for their efforts at the various locations and included Lisa (no last name listed) at Saron Lutheran, Toney Rose and Paulette at Mission/Jordanolo, Sara Worley on Jonathan Drive, Leann Castellanos on Carolyn Avenue and Grace Rocha on Sophie Lane. Denise Hupping took charge on Palomino Court, with Charlie Dodge and Geri Andrade for the Chablis/Chardonnay court area. Laramie and Cody Blevins hosted their gathering on Rosina; no name was available for the coordinator on California.

Different locations featured everything from music to food to a water slide and more, while firefighters, police officers, ambulance personnel and city leaders and various city department personnel had the chance to interact with residents of all ages attending the National Night Out event.

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A youngster enjoys splashing down at the gathering on Rosina Street, with coordinators Laramie Blevins and Crystal Bolter saying they appreciated the opportunity for kids to interact with first responders on a fun level. Marg Jackson/The Times
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The kickoff to National Night Out was held at Saron Lutheran Church where first responders and city officials were treated to a taco bar. VIRGINIA STILL/THE TIMES
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Along Carolyn Avenue, it was a festive National Night Out as Renee Snow and her Tacos de Nieve served up tacos, quesadillas and churros for participants and neighborhood residents. Photo Courtesy Of Leann Castellanos
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New firefighter Jordan Kron, left, smiles as he gets ready to hand Mayor Pro Tem Robert Swift some new headgear during a stop at Chardonnay/Chablis Court during the Aug. 2 National Night Out festivities. Marg Jackson/The Times