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Firehouse Tour For Farmington Elementary

As part of the observance for Fire Prevention Week, students from Farmington Elementary School had the chance to tour the Farmington firehouse. Visits were made by classes on Thursday and Frida, Oct. 10 and 11.

Fire Chief Conni Bailey said the kindergarten through second grade classes came to the firehouse on Thursday, with third through fifth grade classes taking the field trip on Friday.

Among the personnel helping lead the tours were Assistant Chief Matt Bailey, Captain John Kalebaugh and firefighters Everardo Mosqueda and Sofia Martinez.

“All the kids watched a safety video about fire safety, had a tour, saw all the equipment on the trucks and rescue, and got to spray the fire hose at targets,” explained Chief Bailey. “That was followed by cookies and punch, then the students were given a bag of fire goodies to take with them.  It was a good two days overall.”