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Farmington School Hosts Solarbration
Wednesday night was a time for 'Solarbration' at Farmington Elementary School, with the formal dedication of the school's solar panel coupled with a Family Science Night.

The event was the culmination of a process that started a few years ago, when Joel Johannsen was principal at Farmington and worked cooperatively with teachers Tina Harper and Joan Lagorio in writing a grant through the Pacific Gas and Electric Solar Schools Program.

The grant was eventually awarded, a solar panel installed on the campus, and the school has been generating some of its own power ever since.

Every teacher at the school site has attended a workshop through PG & E, helping to bring solar energy into clearer focus for students, teachers and parents alike.

On hand for the Solarbration were PG & E solar schools officials Karalee Browne and Barry Scott, along with a representative from Congressman Jerry McNerney's office. Students wrote and performed a song about solar energy and the science fair also dealt with solar energy, from a solar bead bracelet to solar print paper, solar cooking and more.

"Change happens," Principal Amato told the crowd as they gathered for the official dedication ceremony, leaving the science fair booths behind for a moment.

"Things will change in your life a lot," he told the students. "When I was a kid, gas was 25 cents a gallon ... powering up your house was nowhere near what it costs today."

Amato said utilizing the sun's energy is the way of the future ... and the way to save the planet.

"We need to change because of the effect that burning fossil fuels have on our planet," he added.

Scott said roughly 100 schools throughout PG & E's service territory are taking part in the solar schools program, including Farmington.