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From "The History of Old 'Farmington' by Ruth Hewitt and Aileen Groves". Before the days of firefighting equipment and sirens, the farmers and the local people had to depend on fighting by hand. The first one to see a fire would rush to the phone and ring 10 fast rings and everyone would rush to the phone to see where the fire was. All farmers would drop what they were doing and rush to help their neighbor by bringing sacks and water. The women also helped by hauling the water first by horse, wagon, and then by car. Some of the farmers had fixed a device made with a long pipe that had burlap sack fastened to it. Then a small chain continued by rope, were put on both ends of pipe, and the burlap sacks were kept wet while this device was drug over the fire by men to put it out.

In 1929, the first Farmington Fire District was formed by J.F. Goodwin Company. Don Goodwin went around to farmers to form a district for fighting fires. Each farmer put in a sum of money to help curtail expenses. Don Goodwin put up most of the money. The first engine was a 1929 Chevrolet Truck equipped for fire fighting. It was kept at the Goodwin's and Erle Williams, employee of Goodwin, drove the engine. The next year Jeff Toda became Acting Chief. The truck was kept on Main Street during the day and at Jeff's home in the evening. (One time Jeff could not find any help so Aileen went with him and helped him put out a small fire.) The Standard Oil Company gave them a big fire extinguisher. After the engine was moved to town, the Church Bell was rung to tell people there was a fire.

In June 1935, the first Farmington Fire District was formed, to be supported by taxes and to have a paid Fire Chief. The first truck that was purchased was a one-and-one-half-ton to three-ton Diamond T truck. The truck was built especially for this district at a cost of $4,000.00. It carried special equipment for grain fires, 400-gallon tank for firing and six portable hand plumps. A volunteer fire organization was formed with 10 members, holding fire drills once a week. Their first chance to use the new truck was July 4, 1936. Joe Harrison became the first Fire Chief. He retired in 1969. The present Chief is Conni Bailey.


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