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From "Doc Alders, Farmington's Lone Eagle" Reminiscence: A semi-truck came barreling down on Highway 4 coming out of Copperopolis. The truck's flatbed was loaded with scrap iron from the old copper smelter up there. As the truck came roaring into Farmington, a car pulled out into the road at the intersection where the old white Post Office building was located. The semi driver swerved the truck, trying to avoid the car, and lost control. He clipped the power pole at the corner of First Street and smashed right into the little white Post Office. In fact, the entire front end of the truck ended up inside the Post Office. It grazed the leg of Beth Groves, sitting at the switchboard and shoved out the side wall of the building, leaving the truck's right front wheel sticking through. Doc happened to be looking down there from the Alders Service Station and saw the whole thing. Think of the shock to Bertha Groves who was peacefully minding the telephone switchboard when the Post Office suddenly exploded with the impact.

The mail boxes in the Post Office were unscathed. The building was repaired and continued to serve Farmington for a while at that location on the corner of First Street and the highway. The aging telephone system was ready to be retired. The Farmington Telephone Association was bought out by Fred Neher who put in the newfangled rotary dial system that didn't need a switchboard operator. He put the new system across the highway in a small building. The old oak wall phones with the magneto crank became antiques. Eventually, Farmington was serviced by Contel and Fred Neher's building was vacated. There is a vacant lot there now. Bing Cozby bought the building and moved it over to the Cozby property on the road to Bellota in Farmington.


I met Erna Murphy this last week and she told me that I missed telling of a movie that was filmed on the Murphy's Farm on Van Allen back in the 1950s. It was 'God's Little Green Acres.' She told me there were stars, such as Robert Ryan, Michael Landon, Jack Lord and Buddy Hackett there making the movie.


Happy Birthday to David L. Kalebaugh on Wednesday, June 27.

Happy Birthday to Jake Kroon on Thursday, June 28.

Happy Birthday to Matthew Wayne Bailey on Friday, June 29.


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