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From "Doc Alders, Farmington's Lone Eagle": Joe and Opal Souza tore down the old warehouse for the brick that was in it. Opal recalled the deep space under the building and the big redwood timbers. Most of those timbers were sold to a man who was building a solar home up towards Sonora off of Highway 4. Most of the building was underground, as Opal recalled. The Souza's used some of the four by twelve redwood planks for garden benches for their home in Escalon.

There were quite a lot of iron and square nails. The bricks had been made there at the site. The mortar on the ninety-six year old bricks was powdery. It scraped off easily. Opal stated that they sold bricks all over and was delivering them forever.

Opal Souza recalled Jim Lewis rousting out two men loading warehouse bricks onto their pickup late one night. A shot was fired causing dust to fly up near their feet. The leader complained and was told worse would happen if he didn't unload the bricks and clear out. They unloaded and skedaddled.

The Souza's had a brick wall built entirely around their lot in Escalon and a large brick barbeque. M.D. Benge built the brick wall. An eccentric but skilled craftsman he made sure the fence was exactly straight and level and accurately located. The brickwork around their Escalon home is impressive. Opal recalled that the railroad through Farmington was removed about that time in 1970 leaving nothing but the roadbed which became part of the Souza property.


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