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Escalon Post Office sets A+ standard in customer service
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Members of the Escalon Post Office Retail Team share a smile after being recognized for excellence in customer service, including leading their District with 16 consecutive perfect Mystery Shopper scores. Photo Contributed

The Escalon Post Office, under the leadership of Supervisor Jackie Draper, has set a new benchmark in customer service excellence within the Postal Service, drawing customers from neighboring towns to experience its renowned service.

That, according to USPS officials in Sacramento, who made the announcement of the local recognition earlier this month.

Since the inception of the Retail Customer Experience (RCE) program, Escalon Post Office has consistently excelled, said officials, achieving an impressive record of 16 consecutive perfect scores. This remarkable streak positions the Escalon office as the leader in the California 3 District for consistent 100 percent RCE ratings. Notably, in the past, the office had nearly 40 perfect scores in a row, though it went unrecognized at the time. The lowest score ever recorded by Escalon since the RCE program’s start is a commendable 95, with several scores nearing perfection in the high 90s.

According to the USPS honor, “what sets Escalon apart is not just its scores but the extraordinary lengths to which its staff goes” to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Their commitment to service excellence has made Escalon the preferred postal destination for individuals beyond its local community. People from surrounding areas are increasingly choosing to travel to Escalon for their postal needs, in part because of the warm, family-like customer service extended to each and every visitor,” the announcement noted.

Supervisor Draper has only been at the office for one year but attributes her success to a proactive approach towards customer service and working with a great team. “Our focus is on perfect transactions, staying abreast of changes, and providing guidance that really address customer needs,” Draper said.

Her team of 20, including carriers and clerks, ensures every customer leaves the office satisfied.

“Our goal is to put the customer first, always. Exceptional service is not just our duty; it’s our passion,” Draper added.

Escalon Post Office’s commitment to customer service excellence fits right in line with the Postmaster General’s Delivering for America 10-Year Plan. Escalon Postmaster Kenneth Crandal is no stranger to postal excellence, having served over 20 years in this position and before him, his dad, Frank Crandal, served as Escalon Postmaster from 1971 to 1984.

As a young boy, Crandal vowed to never work for the Postal Service but, of course, his father persuaded him to take the test and as Crandal says, “It has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Dad was right all along. I have a real sense of pride sitting in my father’s old office. He was a man of integrity, and our family name holds a lot of weight in Escalon. We are a proud postal family, and it has been an honor to serve the Escalon community for so many years.”