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Escalon Grange Hall Site For Fundraiser

A Texas Hold’Em Tournament is scheduled at the Escalon Grange Hall, 1840 Main St., Escalon, on Saturday, June 25. Registration begins at 11 a.m. and the play will begin at noon sharp.

Helping coordinate this inaugural Escalon Grange Hall Poker Fundraiser is Grange President, Steve Scott. He took over as president of the local Grange a couple of months ago and said this will be the first in what Grange members hope will become just one of many community-oriented events.

Payouts for the tournament itself are to be determined once all re-buys and add-ons are calculated. A total of 40 percent of the pot will go to the Grange Hall for facility improvements, the other 60 percent will make up the prize pool for the June 25 tournament.

Scott said the goal of the fundraiser is to bring some attention to the Grange organization and the Grange Hall itself, as many people are unaware of its presence.

“We do rent out the hall, it’s by far the cheapest hall around,” Scott said of the relatively inexpensive rental fee.

He also said that they are actively seeking members for the local Grange, which remains in good standing with the National Grange, and is basically a community service organization.

“Membership is open to all, male, female, the membership fee is just $100 a year to join,” Scott explained.

Ultimately, Scott said, current members of the Grange want to return to its roots and get involved in community events as well as raise money for scholarships and giving back.

Right now, they hope the Poker Fundraiser will help them start moving in that direction.

“I have a lot of verbals,” Scott said of looking for people to fully commit and get pre-registered for the tournament and get their registration fee in. The buy in is $150, which holds your spot in the tournament. There will also be a re-buy for the first two hours and add-ons available at $75 for a half-stack at registration.

First projects to improve the hall will be doing work in the parking lot and upgrading the air conditioning system.

Scott can be reached regarding the rental at 209-404-2889 or contact Diana Scott, 209-404-9923; or Ray Krieger, 209-606-6966, for more information.

The Lions Club has its monthly meetings at the Grange Hall, the upstairs is currently used for karate classes and the Grange does have monthly gatherings as well.