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Escalon Floral Shop Changes Hands
It's been a great experience and neither one can believe they've been at it 25 years ... but Kathy Maddex and Robin Jones are ready to move on.

The sisters-in-law, partners in Escalon Floral at 1410 California St., are selling the well-known flower shop and florist business to employee Tina Morrill, who will take it over effective Oct. 1.

"My husband saw this business for sale and he said 'how do you feel about managing a flower shop?," Jones said of getting started in the business back in late August of 1985.

The two women were sisters-in-law before becoming partners in the florist business, with Robin marrying Kathy's brother.

"I was so young, I thought 'I can't do that alone' but I said if Kathy would help me, I would do it," Jones recalled.

"I had signed up for a floral class but I hadn't taken it yet," Maddex added, noting that the pair learned as they went along, finding out what worked best for them in the business.

Jones noted the long hours required when running your own business have been worth it.

"Absolutely, I'm so happy with it, it's been a great experience, especially to be partners with Kathy," Jones said.

The outgoing owners and the incoming one are proud to be a part of the community, there for the weddings, graduations, proms, birthday parties and formals, as well as taking care with arrangements for final goodbyes at funerals.

"I think the people have been the best part," Maddex said of what she has enjoyed most about the floral shop work. "Meeting new friends and the people trusting you to do something for them."

Both women have also brought their family members in to the equation over the years, especially at those peak times like Valentine's and Mother's Day.

While the partners enjoy the business, both agreed it is time to devote more time to their husbands, both of whom travel for work. Jones and Maddex now want to travel some with them, with Jones' husband in construction and Maddex's husband working for the railroad.

For her part, soon-to-be-owner Tina Morrill said she has been an employee at Escalon Floral for five years so she has some experience going in.

"I love it and I loved working for them," she said. "They talked me into (buying) it."

Maddex and Jones said they would still be in the area, even after 'retirement' and are just a phone call away should Morrill need assistance ... maybe on a busy holiday.

Along with the traditional flowers, the shop also has a variety of merchandise from vases to stuffed animals to plaques and knick-knacks. It is also a pay center for PG & E and offers Gold Canyon candles. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"I'm going to keep everything the same," Morrill said of maintaining the status quo at the California Street shop. "If it's not broken, don't fix it."