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Escalon 4-H Reflects On Great AgFest 2022
Borba 4H
Earning the Reserve Supreme Champion Dairy Replacement Heifer honor at AgFest was Escalon 4-H member Frank Borba, pictured here with Judge Gil Teixeira and the District 4 2021-22 Dairy Princess. Photo Contributed

Leaders of the Escalon 4-H group noted that they had a lot of exhibitors participate in AgFest in June 2022. Several 4-H members exhibited in market swine, breeding swine, dairy cattle, breeding sheep, market sheep, market beef, market goats, breeding goats, breeding rabbits, dogs, cavies, and floral.

The placings are as followed per species, with names spelled as provided.


Breeding Swine:

Trenton Silva: 2nd place breeding gilt and participated in showmanship.


Market Swine:

Eran Williams: 2nd place in market class and participated in showmanship.

Ean Williams: 3rd place in market class and participated in showmanship.

Trenton Silva: 5th place in market class and participated in showmanship.

Devin Teicheira: Market ready.

Anthony Teicheira: Market ready.

Michael Pires: Market ready.

Emily Pires: Market ready.

Jake Guibor: Market ready.

Lincoln Coenenberg: Market ready.

Emilio Machado Perez: Market ready.

Aiden Weber: Market ready.

JD Rich: Market ready.

Tiago Chadinha: Market ready

Marco Chadinha: Market ready.

Luke Abrew: Market ready.

Zoie Wilson: Market ready.

Zak Wilson: Market ready.

Mason Fiser: Market ready.

Alexandria Fiser: Market ready.

Macie Hall Anderson: Market ready.

Tenley Adams: Market ready.

Taelyn Lee: Market ready.

Austin Lee: Market ready.

Dylan Lee: Market ready


Breeding Boar Goats:

Addison Correia: 1st place and 3rd place with her goats.


Market Goats:

Natalie Coelho: 7th place in market class.

Brianne Coelho: 7th place in market class and 3rd place in showmanship.

Luke DeJong: Market ready.

Levi DeJong: Market ready.


Breeding Sheep:

Mikayla Buck: 2nd place registered spring ewe lambs and 1st place in novice showmanship.

Briley Silva: 3rd place spring ewe lamb and 4th place in intermediate showmanship.


Market Sheep:

Mikayla Buck: 7th place in market class and 1st place in 9-year-old showmanship.

Briley Silva: 2nd place in market class and 2nd place in showmanship.

Rebecca Wampler: 6th place in market class and 6th place in showmanship.


Market Beef:

Colton Anderson: 2nd place market class and 4th place in showmanship.


Dairy Cattle:

Frank Borba: 1st place in 4-H Replacement heifer class, 4-H Champion Replacement Heifer and Reserve Supreme Champion Replacement Heifer.

Rylan Eproson: 4th place grade Jersey winter yearling, 1st place Grade Jersey Dry Cow class, 1st place Best Pair of Females Grade Jersey, 1st place Daughter Dam Grade Jersey and participated in intermediate showmanship.

Tommy Eproson: 3rd place Grade Jersey winter yearling, 3rd place Grade Jersey Cow, 2nd place Best Pair of Females Grade Jersey and 2nd place Intermediate Showmanship.

Colton Faria: 2nd place summer yearling Grade Holstein and participated in novice showmanship.

Drake Faria: 1st place Senior 2-year-old Registered Guernsey Cow, Senior Champion Registered female, 5th place 4-H Replacement Heifer class and participated in Intermediate Showmanship.

Marcus Nevarez: 2nd place Junior yearling heifer Grade Jersey.

Destiny Reyes: 1st place Aged Cow Grade Jersey, Honorable mention Grade Jersey, 2nd place Advanced Showmanship.

Faith Reyes: 2nd place grade Jersey winter heifer calf class and 6th place in advanced showmanship.

Anthony Teicheira: 3rd place grade Holstein winter calf class and participated in novice showmanship.

Devin Teicheira: 2nd place grade Holstein senior heifer calf class and participated in intermediate showmanship.

Kelsey Webster: 7th place 4-H Replacement heifer class.


Breeding Rabbits:

Mikayla Buck: Champion Division 6 Senior Buck.



Mikayla Buck: 7th place in class.


Dog Show:

Mikayla Buck: 3rd place novice rally, 1st place novice obedience, 2nd place novice showmanship.



Trenton Silva: Three 1st places with all 3 of his succulents.

Briley Silva: 1st place in succulent, 1st place in Rose division, 2nd place floral design contest.


For those interested in enrolling in Escalon 4-H go to; meetings are the second Thursday of each month at Van Allen Elementary School at 6:30 p.m.