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Dessert, Visiting On Menu At Ice Cream Social
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Along with enjoying several ice cream options and various pies, cakes and other sweet dessert treats, attendees at the annual ice cream social on Saturday night at the Escalon United Methodist Church had the chance to visit and catch up with friends. Marg Jackson/The Times

From chocolate mocha ice cream to berry pie, there was a wide variety of homemade dessert treats available at the Escalon United Methodist Church on Saturday evening, Aug. 20.

And while attendees certainly enjoyed the dessert social, they also seized the opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbors, sharing stories and enjoying the fellowship surrounding the annual ice cream social.

Hosted each year as a ‘farewell to summer’ now that school is back in session, many of the church members bring in homemade ice cream and other desserts including pies, cookies and cakes, to share with the community. There was no cost, though a donation jar was offered, with the proceeds helping to support the church.

There was even a sugar free coffee toffee ice cream option, made with monk fruit, so those that needed to watch their sugar intake didn’t miss out on the ice cream. Other flavors ranged from a Butterfinger candy infused ice cream to chocolate mocha and many fruit based options as well. Toppings were also provided, for an extra touch of sweetness on top.

The annual ice cream social has been an Escalon United Methodist Church tradition for more than 50 years.

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A long line of scoopers was on hand to volunteer Saturday night, Aug. 20 at Escalon United Methodist Church, as the church hosted its family-friendly annual ice cream social. Marg Jackson/The Times